Team cohesion through diving

Who is it for?

Any professional, sports or associationteam looking for greater cohesion or better organisation for greater efficiency. This can be an opportunity for the team to meet again after this time of teleworking and distance and to relearn the pleasure of collaborating live in an exotic environment.

It is not necessary to have already dived. It can be the occasion of a baptism or an activity related to scuba diving (photography, organisation...).

An example of cohesion on a day

A manager and his team contacted me with the idea of spending a team-building day on the theme of scuba diving.

Proposed programme for the day

The day before

Arrival of the group the evening before, on the seaside in a place chosen beforehand (Presqu'île de Giens, Marseille, La Londe...). Accommodation.

Morning (1st stage)

With my help, the team organises the afternoon dive and the role of each person, diver or not.

Afternoon (2nd stage)

Diving on the selected site and in the respect of the assigned roles (some dive, others logistics, photos...).


Debriefing at the end of the dive, once the group has returned to the dive centre, to discuss the experience.

This is an example, every project is unique and will be created and organised to suit your needs.

All diving is organised within a professional structure that provides equipment, boat and safety.

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